Ce se mai vinde pe eBay – câine imaginar

The imaginary dog is a male, and his name is Rocky. Rocky is a Chocolate Lab and he is very good with kids. He loves to go on imaginary walks and imaginary swims in the Chesapeake Bay. The best thing is, his poop is imaginary and is not that hard to clean up. I’ve had him for about 2 months, and I can not keep him, because the new house I’m renting will not allow me to keep dogs there. I found Rocky at the adoption center after she was living with a family that abused him. He is in great shape now, and is only about 6 months old. This dog has to be bought soon, or I will have to take her to the pound. I will ship the imaginary dog to you in an imaginary small box with a few imaginary holes poked in the top so she can breathe. You will also get an imaginary food bowl, imaginary water bowl, imaginary leash, and imaginary collar. She is a very good dog, and you will not be disappointed with your purchase. I know he is very expensive, but it is very rare to find an imaginary dog like this one. Hope the best bidder good luck and hope he makes a great home for Rocky!